Weekend Recap

 How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty chill (aside from the moments when Silas was screaming from teething pain...but we won't go there..)

Friday was super cold and windy, so we tried to stay inside for our activities.  This meant (YOU GUESSED IT) no morning walk.  (boo)  What am I going to do once it REALLY cools down and (gasp) starts snowing?   Do they sell snowmobile strollers?  If so, I want in on that.

So since we couldn't do anything outside, we went to our very first story-time at a local library.  Silas loved it!  There were songs, stories and toys.  Since Silas was the "baby" of the group, he pretty much got to play with whatever toy he wanted to.  Better not get used to that, son.

Saturday was pretty chilly...with a few raindrops as well.  We didn't do much in the morning - I had some work to do and Silas had some napping to do.  He actually slept in really late on Saturday....until about 8:15 (usually he's up around 6:30), so that threw our usual nap, eat, play schedule off.  One thing we DID do was head to the mall where Silas had a ball at their play place.  When we first got there it wasn't too busy, but within 20 minutes there were about double the number of kids.  Boys and girls were flying everywhere.  While we were there Silas crawled his way to the slide and wanted to climb up it.  Instead I showed him the proper way to use it and his face LIT UP.  Every time I put him down he would crawl right back to the slide.
That evening we visited a consignment store to get Silas some new kicks and new jeans!  His feet keep growing (and smelling).  His last pair of good shoes I bought him are already scuffed up and they smell like a grown man wears them every day.  It's that bad.

Sunday was lots of fun as well.  We woke up bright and early for church.  We attended one service and then worked in the nursery for the second service.  Then we came home and Silas took a super long nap.  After that we decided to head over to the other side of the river and take pictures on the North Shore (where most of these pictures were taken).

I also introduced Silas to our pumpkin after we got back from the North Shore.  He was a fan

And then we ate dinner.  Which he's always a fan of.

And that was our weekend.  Mr. Pribs was out of town, but he's back now and we're all happy and ready for a new week!

Rain rain rain

LOOKS like I won't be going for my daily walk any time soon.  Yesterday I was so pumped about getting back into my walking routine - down to the coffee shop and back with Silas in the stroller.  But then I saw THIS

Rain for dayyyyzz  :(

Sooo, what do we do now?  Shopping spree? Maybe.  Bake all day??  Very likely.  Sleep?  Never.  Scrapbook?  We could.  Mope around all day?  Possibly.  Chase Cooper around all day?  Silas says he will.

First thing though we need to get myself a diet coke and Silas a big sippy cup of water because neither of us are morning people.

Happy Friday!

Around here we're getting ready to sign off for the weekend and (hopefully) enjoy some quality fall weather.  

This past Thursday I attended a mom's group at our church where we watched a longer version of *this video* and talked about the idea of "being still"

Many of the moms shared a similar opinion in that when you have kids you either don't have time to "be still" or you're too exhausted to have quality "still" time.

I slightly disagree.  You have 24 hours in every day.  You choose how to spend each of those hours. 

Personally, I get distracted and I'm always anticipating the next thing to happen.  Will Silas nap long enough for me to have some time to myself?  Will someone text me and expect an immediate response?  Will that phone call I'm waiting on today happen when I put my phone on silent for this short period?

So this weekend, I'm going to set my phone down and not pick it up until Monday morning (note: I have done this before).  And I'm going to enjoy spending my time with my family and taking my pictures with an actual camera.

Have a good weekend!

Whole wheat muffins on a Tuesday

It was freezing a few mornings ago, so I decided to bake something.  Also, Silas didn't want practically anything I offered him for Breakfast, so I wanted to try making something new to see if these would make him eat.

I found this muffin mix at Giant Eagle, which I hardly ever shop there, but did you know they sell bags of cotton candy for $2?

Did you??

Also, they sell drinks.  Like this one below.
*and newsflash, we have a microwave now.

This recipe was very simple.  All you needed, other than the muffin mix, was butter (or vegetable oil), milk and an egg.  We had everything on hand.

Just be careful when scooping the mixture into the muffin tin.  I hate when I get the batter on the tin.  Super annoying.  

They only take 15 minutes to bake.  And they cool down pretty quickly afterwards if you pull them out of the tin.

They taste great with butter.

They taste even better if you have christmas music (YES, in September) playing in the other room.

Living in Pittsburgh: a little over a year later

In the past, whenever I've tried to envision where I would like to "settle" down with my family, the Pittsburgh life was never in that picture.

Mine looked more like:  warm(ish) weather all year long, beach nearby, lots of grass and space on my property, easy to drive around.

Pittsburgh has distinct seasons (which isn't bad at all), there are no beaches nearby, the lots are tiny and crammed in together (unless you have a million dollars and can afford to buy 5 more feet of land), and the traffic between the hours of 8a-10a and 3p-5p is something you definitely want to avoid.

We (I definitely) didn't move here for the "Pittsburgh" living.  We moved here knowing that we didn't have to stay here long term, but it would get us closer to family short-term, which is really important when you're about to start having kids and you're probably going to be seeing your family a lot more often.

Although Pittsburgh still isn't my favorite and I speak loosely of it when referring to the future, there are a few things that I do appreciate about the city. 

First of all, it's affordable.  It's more than reasonable for a young couple to buy a house and start their lives here.  And with the city and numerous businesses here, you can really launch a great career.

Second, although there are no beaches, there are plenty of rivers and look-out points, which offer a different type of scenery.  You won't find me lounging on a beach chair, but I will more than likely be admiring the city-scape from afar and taking pictures of the Allegheny river right in front of me.

Three....there is a lot of history in this place.  Everywhere you look there are pockets of tourism and interesting places to explore.  I've spoken with individuals who've grown up here and even they haven't seen all that there is to experience in Pittsburgh.  You can not get bored here.

Four, although you won't find much space on your property, Pittsburgh does have plenty of state parks to visit nearby to help quench your need for the great outdoors.

Five....regardless of where you live, you'll probably always be able to find something you don't like about the area.  That has been my experience living in Indiana, Alabama, California and (now) Pennsylvania.  Either I'm really picky or life in general just isn't perfect.

So will we be living here long term?  I don't know that answer.  But I do know that for now, we are living in a house that suits us well in a part of town that we feel comfortable in (for now).

Joy Pribish Photography | Senior Photos | Pittsburgh, PA

Why do high-school seniors all look like babies these days?  No, but seriously.

I had a Senior shoot a couple of days ago and a 5th grader showed up with his mom.  Upon introduction I said "Oh, sorry, I thought this was for a Senior, I typically don't do middle school pictures" and they were all like "He is a Senior....he's the captain of the Varsity football team"  "the WHAT?"

okay, i made that conversation up.  but not the thoughts.

Remember when thinking "Class of 2008" sounded weird?  Well welcome to "Class of 2016".

Gross.  How old are we??

But beyond that.  How do these kids even know how to pose?  I'm being SERIOUS.  I don't have to tell them AT ALL what to do.  With my last client I finally said "You totally googled 'Senior picture poses' before showing up tonight, didn't you?"  The smirk on his face in response to my question told me "YES, I DID.  AREN'T YOU PROUD OF ME?"

I'm happy to say that college students don't look too young yet.  I'm dreading that day.

*just wanted to display a few of my latest senior photos along with my thoughts.  thanks for sticking around.

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