Thursday, August 27, 2015

Project Life: 2015 (middle of August)

 We're still going strong with August spreads in my Project Life album.

Sometimes I don't know what to document.  I make the mistake of thinking that I shouldn't document my business high points or my favorite recipes of the week and then my spreads end up with mostly baby pictures.

Silas IS growing and doing something new almost everyday,  BUT I have to remind myself that this is our FAMILY album and Silas will have an album of his own (I'm slowly working on it). So on these two spreads I tried to implement pictures of my business, Cooper, shots around Pittsburgh and other small moments that happen during the day.

Throwback Thursday! Silas on the swing.

Throwback to the second time he hung out in the big boy swing at the local park.  LOVING LIFE.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday! (friyay?)

It's officially (almost) the weekend!  This week was packed full of photography, graphic design, baby giggles, netflix, cleaning the house and playing phone-tag with the dog groomer.  Overall, a pretty stellar week.  However, I'm looking forward to closing Lightroom and Photoshop, not checking my e-mail, shutting down the computer and spending all of my time with Baby and Mr Pribs.  We have an uneventful weekend planned.  Those are typically the best (as long as there are no teething monsters present).

See you on Monday!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pittsburgh: Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor

I love visiting authentic old establishments.  It goes right along with my love for all things that are vintage and have a story.  Earlier this year I made a 'summer bucket list' with no real intention of doing every single one of the items.  I mostly made the list so that I would have all of the "to do's" in one place.  Without ever giving the list a second look I knew there was one place I wanted to visit this summer:  Klavon's Authentic 1920's Ice Cream parlor in Pittsburgh.


 It was just as I had expected.  Original barstools, coca cola refrigerators, milkshake machines, phone booths and old-timey signs.  Rob ordered a float of some sort and I ordered chocolate ice cream on top of a hot brownie.  Yikes.  Talk about a sugar rush.

Unlike many places in Pittsburgh, Klavons has a designated parking lot, thus making it easy to visit.  No stressful paid street parking.

We walked down the street and did some exploring after eating our ice cream (to burn off all of the calories, of course) and found some fun murals.

I'm hoping to find more authentic places like Klavon's in the Pittsburgh area.  It's always fun to learn a little more about Pittsburgh history by experiencing the exact same things that people in years past experienced themselves.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

taking a staycation

Last week we took our very first "staycation" as a family of three.  Originally (early July) we had planned to go out of town and visit family, but those plans quickly changed after we realized that we were getting burnt out from all of the traveling for weddings, work and life.  So we had the brilliant idea to just take a week off from work and stay home.  It turns out that this was the best idea of our life.

We didn't do anything too fancy.  We took a walk every morning with Silas in the stroller.  We visited a favorite coffee shop.  We visited an ice cream parlor in Pittsburgh.  We visited a state park downtown.  We explored nearby neighborhoods.  We worked on the landscaping in our front yard.  We painted (when do we let a week go by where we don't paint?)  We made it all about our family.  No schedules....nobody else.  Just us.

Also the weather last week was perfect in every way possible.  Sunny, but not too hot.

Silas loved the extra time with BOTH parents home all day.  He loves hanging out with his daddy and having rough and tumble playtime.

I wish every week was a staycation.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Project Life: 2015 (July & beginning of August)

I'm still cranking away at Project Life!  My main focus has been on the "here and now" album.  Most likely because it's fresh in my mind and the colors of summer in all of our photos make me really happy.  Not to worry though, I am slowly chipping away at 2014's album and Silas' baby album.  Those will be conquered and I will post about them as soon as I get them done. 

For now though, these are my latest pages.  I'm sticking to the theme of "the more pictures the better".  I never want to journal just to fill space.  If I don't have anything to say then I'd rather put a graphics card or (even better) a picture.