Mini Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Is anyone else relieved that they can finally log onto Facebook and NOT see any long winded statuses related to Politics?  It was getting ridiculous over here.

I couldn't be on Facebook long before I felt like scooping my eyeballs out.

It got to the point where I finally installed a plug-in that would show pictures of cats in place of someone's political facebook status.

You bet I did.

I'm not a big cat person, but I'll look at fuzzy animals ANYday over someone's bitter status about how so-and-so isn't fit to run our country because they drink pepsi and give money to poor children in Africa.

It was either install that plug-in or delete my Facebook and move to Europe.  And we all know that moving to Europe isn't exactly in the cards for Rob right now, so I wasn't really left with a choice.

I have to admit, it was kind of weird to go from seeing strong-opinionated political statuses to "what I'm thankful for" November statuses.  But whatever float's everyone's boat.  As long as we're not threatening to cut each other's throats on Facebook, then I'm happy.

I'm thankful for these muffins.  These delicious pumpkin spice granola-ey muffins.  They make your house smell great when they're baking and they're the perfect size to quickly pop twenty of them into your mouth.



As of late...

Cooper has a new toy!  Mr. Pribs had the awesome idea of making a tug toy that Cooper can play with by himself.  He bought a large rope from Lowes, tied it around the tree and told Cooper to have at it.

The weather here has been AWESOME lately.

Last week we took a walk at one of my favorite places: Beaver Lake.

I apologize for the way Cooper looks in this picture.  He likes to lean on things and I guess this is what it looks like when there's nothing for him to lean on.

Mr. Pribs has had a lot of time off lately.  So we've had plenty of quality TIME together.

Love him.

It's almost December, therefore Santa Clause made an appearance in my sketch book.

Hope y'all are ready for CHRISTMAS!!!!

homemade chocolate chip waffles

It's funny how the simplest of things make you want to do something that you normally wouldn't do.

For example, I usually make waffles with (GASP) mix from a box.  Let's face it - at seven o'clock in the morning you don't necessarily have the brain power to measure out and prepare the proper ingredients for a scratch recipe.

If you do, then kudos, you're not like me.

Heck, even at nine o'clock in the morning I'm still grabbing for the box of waffle mix.

If I have to measure out more than waffle mix, water and oil, then the gig's off.  No waffles for breakfast this morning.  Cereal it is…where, short of drowning your fruit loops, everything is pretty much guaranteed to turn out okay.

This morning though, things were different because we had PURE Maple Syrup.  Something we bought ourselves when we were on a little weekend getaway.

I couldn't use this rich stuff on boxed waffles.

Actually, the fact that the syrup bottle was shaped like a maple leaf was enough to convince me to make waffles from scratch.  And it was made of glass - not plastic.

Sooooo many reasons to make waffles from scratch.  So many reasons.


The waffles combined with the maple syrup was a match made in heaven.

Especially if we warmed the syrup up beforehand.

OH, and also sprinkled a little bit of powdered sugar on top.

You can't get any better.  Not even at IHop or Cracker Barrel.

So do yourself a little favor this next weekend.  Take your time, make breakfast from scratch and pour some rich, delicious, pure (accidentally wrote Purdue instead of pure first.....not quiet sure where my alma mater comes into play here) maple syrup and enjoy yourself some yummy waffles.

You'll thank me later.

Take a Hike

We took a little backyard hike yesterday.  The weather was perfect!  It's the end of November and we're still wearing shorts and light sweaters.  I brought along my little T2i camera to capture the colors as the leaves are finally changing and falling.


I'm not quite sure why Cooper's jumping out of his skin in this picture, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it, so we're just going to roll with it.

We headed back home near the beginning of golden hour (when the sun begins to set).  It was 3:30pm when we got home.  DST is not cool.



deep dish pizza

My first attempt at making deep dish pizza was utterly embarrassing.  I refuse to show you pictures.  The crust was out of control.  And I was to blame.

Sometimes I think I know better than the recipe and I change things up a bit.  Sometimes it works, and other times it goes terribly wrong.

This first time making this I thought that I wouldn't have enough pizza dough to press into the pan, so I doubled the recipe.  And at first it looked okay, but then while I was pressing it into the pass, the dough started to expand.'t.stop.  I quickly shoved it into the oven, hoping the heat would stop the rising (I was confused?).  But when I looked at it 5 minutes later, the crust had TAKEN OVER.  It was like four inches of crust and two inches of toppings.  It was bad.

But ohmyword, it tasted sooooo gooooood.  Like, why-did-it-take-me-so-long-to-try-to-make-this good.  So, this time I followed the recipe and the final product looked much better and still tasted great.

And from now on, I'm not messing with anyone's pizza dough recipe.


Apple Cider & Caramel Dipped Apples

Now that we're all coming out of the food coma from yesterday, let's try something that doesn't involve turkey.  Shall we?

Apples are good for you, you know.  Even if they're covered in ooey gooey caramel and colorful sprinkles.  If it takes an apple to be dunked in caramel for you to eat one, then it's your lucky day!

If the caramel doesn't make it to the apple because you accidentally drank it first, don't worry.  No one has to know.  I almost drank the caramel too, but I couldn't because my husband was in the other room and I knew he'd ask what I was doing in the kitchen for an hour only to come out with plain apples.  I couldn't think of a cover story, so I went ahead and proceeded with making caramel dipped apples.

And you don't have to cover the apples with sprinkles.

Cover them with M&M's for all I care.  The weirder the better!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Stuff yourselves with turkey, biscuits, mashed potatoes and pie.  Then fall asleep to the sound of football.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Prib Crib!!!

Sugar Coated Almonds and Pecan halves

I remember the first time I had ever tried sugar coated pecan halves.  It was in Illinois one very cold December night.

My family and I were visiting Chicago.

It was my parents, my sister, and me.

I was freezing from head to toe - the kind of situation that everyone loves to be in.

It seemed like I was the only person who was cold.   Everyone else was hustling and bustling, smiles on their faces, getting last minute Christmas shopping done.  And I was just standing there...cold and pathetic.

I was the awkward one, trailing behind my family, looking at the Macy window displays, having a conversation with myself about how freaking cold it is outside and how I wouldn't mind trading places with one of the mannequins, because they were all bundled up in their fluffy Macy's sweaters and scarves, standing next to a giant Christmas tree.  Who WOULDN'T want to trade places with them?

Besides the fact that it was cold outside - my "boots" were getting drenched from all of the melting snow.  And my feet were cold.  Partially frozen, actually, if I remember correctly.  To say I was miserable....wouldn't be the right word.

The only thing to keep my mind off of the fact that I was an ice sculpture was this delicious little snack.  We happened upon a "German Village" where there were little stations selling German Christmas ornaments, hot apple cider and other treats.  The sugar coated pecan halves were the best - still warm and perfectly sweet.

All I had to do was bury my face in these nuts and everything was suddenly okay.

If my mouth is happy, then I'm happy.  It's as simple as that.


Pumpkin Spice Donuts

I don't have much time to get all of my pumpkin recipes out of my system.

In a few short days I won't be allowed to have pumpkins sitting around my house.  I'll have to stop burning my pumpkin spice candle (the one I burn all year long) and stop making pumpkin muffins.

Basically, the world will have to become boring for a few days while we all transition over to Christmas.

I practically live for fall.

I almost had a panic attack when it was the beginning of October and Alabama still had temps in the 90's.  And when I say almost had a panic attack, I mean I was wishing I could visit Indiana for a couple of days so I could soak up the crisp breeze and hear the crunch of the leaves under my boots.

Anyone who wishes to visit Indiana is clearly having a panic attack.  It just doesn't make sense.

It's okay though.  Once the Christmas season comes around, I'll be fine.  I'll be too busy making candy cane treats and wrapping myself with popcorn garlands.

Don't worry about me.


The Christmas Tree

We did it.  We put up our Christmas tree.  I.just.couldn't.wait.any.longer.

Rob got off work early on Friday (He was one of like 5 guys who were able to take their check ride on time - yay!) and I decided that I wanted us to put the tree up that afternoon.

I was ready for nights where only the Christmas tree lights up the living room.

Cooper was very curious and at first kept trying to pull the ball ornaments off - thinking that they were toys for him.

He even insisted on lying underneath the tree (he thinks he's a gift to us or something).

Thanksgiving is in less than a week, people.  Don't freak out.  It's not like we put the tree up at the beginning of November.  And since we're going to be out of town for the most of December I wanted to be able to enjoy it while I can.  Although, I probably won't take the tree down until the end of January, because it's our house and that's how I roll.

I'm Santa Clause.  Get used to it.

Crockpot Burgers

Did you guys know that you can still have hamburgers EVEN if you don't have a grill or if it's past summertime and so cold outside that you can't open your frozen grill?

YOUCAN!  Stop freaking out.  It's true and it's wonderful news.  Even us Alabama people are excited about this because sometimes it's just too hot out and we don't want to drag the grill out, get ash everywhere, have tons of flies buzzing around our heads while we wait 200 hours for the grill to heat up and then smell like a campfire for the rest of the night.

I make grilling sound so pleasant, I know.

The alternative is THIS.

Prep your burgers, throw them in the crockpot, FORGET ABOUT THEM for three hours and then boom, you're ready for dinner.

It's mind blowing.  I know.  I'm still hyperventilating from the excitement when I first read about this on Pinterest (where else, right?).


Don't get me wrong.  I like to grill out, but I much more prefer to grill anywhere other than Alabama.

The summers here are just out of this world.  So this recipe, is a godsend.

Now let's go eat.

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