20 Minute Casserole

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This meal is my Uncle John's favorite.  That is, according to my Grandma's recipe card.


This is the first of a few family recipes that I have tried out.  My grandma mailed me about 4 or 5 recipes and this one caught my attention first because of the title "20 MINUTE casserole".  Any thing that has "20 minute", "30 minute", or "10 minute" in the title always catches my attention because it means it's easy to make and saves you time in the kitchen.  Also, in my book, it typically means that I most likely already have the ingredients (for the most part).


This casserole was a breeeeeeeze!  Basically you combine everything in a big pot, stir it up, bake it for a few minutes, top with biscuits, bake for  a little longer and TA-DA.... dinner's ready!  Even Cooper was pretty stoked about it.IMG_1343_1

Mr. Pribs approved of the meal and so did I.  There were doubts about whether or not it would taste good since all of my casserole dishes were packed up and grandma SPECIFICALLY calls for you to bake it in a casserole dish.  Good news though, it didn't change the way it tasted.  PHEW!


Sorry for the blurry photo....this was taken in our apartment, at 6 o'clock at night.  Not the best lighting situation...but at least you get the idea, right?IMG_1347_1


Also, I made these cookies on the same night and totally burned them.  Fail.IMG_1348_1

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