Baked Pickles

Friday, April 12, 2013

Today I cleaned out our fridge.  It's a horrible thing I have to do at least once a month.  I do my best to avoid it, but it's hard when you go out and buy food and can't find a place for it to fit in the fridge.

If I'm scared to look inside of a tupperware container that I pulled out of my fridge, then I consider it time to clean the fridge out.


We've had a jar of pickles in our fridge for a little while now and we never use them.  The only time we have an opportunity to use them is when we have burgers, which, really doesn't happen too often.  And the last time we DID have burgers, I was the only one who used the pickles.  I mean, I'm more than happy to do my part, but I just can't fit 30 pickles on my burger.  It's not going to happen.   And for whatever reason, I can't bring myself to throw away that jar of pickles....because they're perfectly fine - they haven't spoiled.  They're just unwanted.  I mean, I really want to know how people solve this problem.  How do other people use up their pickles?

I chose to bake them.  Because that's what I do best.  And it reminded me of Nine Irish Bro's restaurant from back home and their fried pickles.  My first experience of fried pickles was at NIB and they were dee-lish-us.

And even though these aren't fried (I didn't feel like heating up a ton of oil, just for 13 pickle chips, sorry), they taste just like the ones at NIB.  I kid you not.


I was having flashbacks of Nine Irish Bro's while eating these.  That's when you know they're good.  That's the indicator.




If nothing else convinces you to make these, then you should know that these are the "healthy" version of fried pickles.  There you go.  Enjoy!

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