Peanut Butter Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Friday, April 19, 2013

These cookies are long gone as I type away at this post.  They were that good.  And yes, I realize my post title is ridiculous, but I want all of my readers to be very well informed as to what exactly are in these cookies.  If you're like me, your first impression of these cookies goes something like this:  "Huh?  Bacon and peanut butter....together?  In a cookie?".

It works, trust me.


I originally made these for Mr. Pribs, who loves his bacon and peanut butter...but never had them together.  He loves peanut butter so much that every time he gets the hiccups, he swears he has to swallow a spoonful of peanut butter to make them go away.  Forget holding your breath.  Forget drinking water upside.  GET him a jar of peanut butter and a large spoon and those hiccups will be gone in TEN seconds.  Coincidentally, his hiccups go away every time.  I'm pretty sure 30% of our peanut butter is used for sandwiches, while the other 70% percent is used as hiccup medicine.  It's weird, I know.

I don't even want to think about what might happen if he gets the hiccups and we don't have any peanut butter in the pantry.


So, I made these cookies, because part of me knew that Mr. Pribs would like them and part of me was curious as to how peanut butter and bacon would taste together.  I wasn't expecting to fall in love with them.  I figured I would taste them and move on with life.

Not true.   I couldn't get enough of these cookies.  Nor could Mr. Pribs.

In fact, I actually doubled the recipe when I made them for this blog post.  Because I wanted bigger cookies, and just as many. I also added chocolate chips, because I was craving chocolate for once in my life and I figured that bacon and peanut butter was weird enough of a combination, why not throw in some chocolate?

Good news, it tastes great with the chocolate.


The only downside to these cookies?  You have to have patience.  You HAVE to allow them to cool on the baking sheet for 5 whole minutes after taking them out of the oven...otherwise they won't set right and they'll forever be crumbly and you'll never be able to pick them up and keep them together long enough to reach your mouth.

We had this dilemma with the first batch I made.  It wasn't good.




I just want to take a big ol' bite out of that picture up there.

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