Road Trip (Atlanta, GA)

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

We went on a road trip last week!  It was rather last minute and resulted from me asking Mr. Pribs when we were planning on getting a desk for our office - we had been saving up for a few months and I had been using a card table as my desk.  After looking at the IKEA website and seeing that our favorite desk was back in stock, Mr. Pribs declared that we would get the desk the next day in Atlanta, GA!

The next morning, bright and early, we packed up and left on our road trip to Georgia.  It's about a 3 hour drive to Atlanta from where we live.



In order to make the trip worthwhile (even thought IKEA was enough of a reason for me to go to Atlanta) we decided to make two more stops after IKEA.  The first stop would be at "World of Coca Cola" and our second stop would be at the ORIGINAL Chick-fil-a (The Dwarfhouse).

If you're a military serviceman, you get in free to World of Coca Cola.  We didn't know this until we were buying our tickets, so that was a bonus!  World of Coca Cola was a lot of fun.  You learn all about the history of Coca Cola, you get to take a picture with the Coca Cola polar bear (which, is a lot cooler than the disney characters, as it can blink it's eyes and open it's mouth), you can walk through the bottling process of coke and you get to taste 60-some flavors of coke drinks from all around the
world!IMG_20130424_133009 IMG_20130424_133419 IMG_20130424_135543 IMG_20130424_140059 IMG_20130424_141509

OH, also, there is the coke vault.  This is where the actual coca cola recipe is kept inside.  There is a red dashed line in front of the vault that if you step over, an alarm will go off.

Here we are drinking our diet coke and coke.  This was after we tested all of the other 62 it was hard to enjoy our drinks, as we had a ton of other flavors still in our mouths and we were filled with bubbles up to the brim.

IMG_20130424_153711 IMG_20130424_153851

After World of Coca Cola, we went off to find the very first Chick-fil-a...also known as "Dwarf House".  Yes, that door works and yes Mr. Pribs entered the restaurant through that door.  I used the normal sized door on the other side.   Unlike other Chick-fil-a restaurants, this one is sit-down and they have servers who come and take your order.  Also, they serve burgers!IMG_20130424_163912 IMG_20130424_164003 IMG_20130424_164210

After it was all said and done, we had a great trip in Atlanta....we got our desk, drank tons of coke and ate chick-fil-a.  So, we went home very happy.  :)IMG_20130424_192015

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