Single Baked Caramel Apple

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Growing up our neighbor behind us had an apple tree.  Cute, right?

Not really.  Its apples were disgusting.

The neighbor's apples would always fall over the fence and into our yard, so finally one day I took a bite out of one.  It was so bitter and distasteful.  I chucked that thing to the other side of the neighbor's yard and vowed never to eat one again.

The apples never stopped falling on our side of the yard though.  And it really ticked me off because our yard was getting littered with bitter apples that no one was going to eat.

I wish I knew about this recipe when I was a kid, because maybe this recipe would have made those apples worth eating.

This recipe is too good to keep a secret.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was the only one home on the day I made this.  And we happen to have only one apple left in our kitchen.  So I did what any sensible hungry girl would do with a few extra minutes on her hands.  I made something sweet.

And then, as soon as it came out of the oven, I dumped a bunch of ice cream and caramel syrup on top to make it even sweeter.

My hasty decisions were good ones.  The combination tasted great together.


And I've decided that when I have kids someday, it will be an annual (or maybe monthly...daily?) tradition to have baked apples together as a family.

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