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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I have a confession to make.  Something I'm not proud of.  Something I just found out about myself.

I'm a hoarder.  But only in one room in our house and only with specific things.

I hoard kitchen utensils.


I'm wondering if it really is my fault though??  I mean, most of my utensils were wedding gifts.  Only four of them are ones that I had when I lived in an apartment by myself.  It's not my fault people got me things that weren't on my registry, is it?  Nonetheless, I accepted the gifts and hoarded them away, regardless if I already had four soup ladles and 5  spatulas.

I didn't notice that anything was wrong until I couldn't shut my utensil drawer.  And then, I really knew I had a problem when I would open a cabinet underneath the utensil drawer and find spoons and spatulas that had been forced out the back of the drawer because they were all crammed in there like sardines.


Also, I asked for kitchen utensils for Christmas.  Really big problem.  Because people took me up on that offer and got me some really awesome vintage utensils that I'm never ever ever ever going to get rid of. EVER.




It's okay though, because I don't have a hard time saying goodbye to things if it means I'll have more room and a cleaner space.  So, to my utensils from college, goodbye.  To my utensils that I didn't ask for and I never use, goodbye.  To my utensils that I use all of the time and I depend on to prepare meals everyday, well, some of you can stay.   But for the most part, it's going to be me and my 50 year old utensils, putting meals together.

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