life during the fixed wing course

Saturday, June 15, 2013

let's just say that life during the fixed wing course is completely different from what life is like during flight school.  leading up to flight school, right up to the first day of class everyone told me to prepare myself for never seeing my husband - sunday night through friday afternoon.


for the most part, they were right.  however, they forgot to tell me that his schedule was going to be really weird and never the same.  some days he would leave at 0500 and then come home for a few hours and then leave until the night.  other days he wouldn't leave until 1100 and then come home at 1600.  then, there were days he would sleep in until 1100 and leave for work at 1700 and be gone until early in the morning.   even Cooper's sleep schedule was getting messed up during flight school. IMG_0283

also, Mr. Prib's stick buddy should've just brought his belongings over to our house and set up home in one of our spare bedrooms.  i learned how to cook for a family of three really well.  flight school lives up to its reputation of being hard + busy.  we made it through that.  yay!


then we moved to Dothan to be closer to the airport where the fixed wing course takes place.  we didn't know what to expect really for the fixed wing course.  that is, until someone made the comment to Mr. Pribs that the only thing you have to remember during fixed wing is to put your cappuccino down before flying.  in other words, it's more laid back.   and it is.  Mr. Pribs hasn't had to study at all and they have had exams and he's done just fine on them.  And his days are more normal.  none of this sleeping in until noon and flying until 2am.

it's a fast paced course as it's only three months long, but with the ratings Mr. Pribs will receive, it should open a lot more doors in the civilian world.   which is quickly approaching.     who knows what's in store for us next in life.  Mr Pribs + I are on the edge of our seats!


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