Road trip time!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Goodbye Alabama.  Goodbye Southerners.  At least, for the weekend.  It's road trip time!  Time to go up NORTH, where the people talk normal, where it's not abnormal to go to college, where there are Walmarts with sensible floor plans.  Ahhhh.

No, but seriously.

We're going to a wedding this weekend in O-H-I-O & SUPER stoked about it!  I even bought a smashbook yesterday at Michael's so I can document every.single.second of our trip.  It has about 70 pages (I counted every single page at 10:30pm last night when I was too hyped up on caffeine to go to sleep due to drinking my first diet coke in like three weeks).  Which translates to about.....200-300 pictures that we need to take over the next 4 days.

Can we do it?

You bet.


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