the special ball

Thursday, June 27, 2013

last week Cooper and I went for our normal morning walk.

we walked around the pond.

we chased the lizards.

cooper got in the water.

and then

cooper found a ball in a bush

and he kept it in his mouth for the entire rest of our walk.

at the end of our walk, i made him set it down.


for the next few days we kept the ball in a bush outside our front door

and every time we went for a walk, cooper would bury his face in the bush

and come back out with the ball in his mouth

and he would keep it in his mouth for the entire rest of our walk


so finally i brought the ball inside and kept it on a ledge by the staircase

i wanted it to be special

not just another ball

and it is special

this is what it makes cooper do after we have played a good game of fetch


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