Valdosta, GA : Wild Adventures Theme Park + Third Day Concert

Monday, July 01, 2013

For the first time since high school i went to a theme park and rode roller coasters.
Mr. Pribs & I went to Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta, GA.  Originally our trip wasn't going to involve any theme parks.  We started researching when my favorite band (Third Day) would be having a concert near Alabama.  I knew Third Day was from Georgia, so I figured we would have a good chance of seeing them in concert before we moved.

And I was right!  And even better, they were playing at a theme park.  All you had to do was buy tickets for the theme park and you could go to the concert for free!
we had never heard of Valdosta, GA, so we weren't expecting much from the park.


it was awesome!  we went on all of the roller coasters. ate dinner.  and then went on more.  

i've started something new since I last rode roller coasters.  I now hyperventilate as we go up the first big hill.

i literally start panicking and sweating and debating whether or not I should start crying.

and then we drop and i hang on tight.

the best part was that there weren't any 1 hour lines.  the longest we waited was probably 15 minutes.  we went on all but one of the rides (not including the water park - homegirl didn't feel like going to a concert in soggy clothes).

and the concert.  i don't have to tell you this.  it was awesome.  third day never fails.

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