i'm going to cali!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

it's true.  as you read this, i am on a plane, headed to Los Angeles, California.  The exact opposite side of the US that we currently live on.

why am i going, you ask?

to finally go after my calling of being a movie star.  i'm going to make my big break in hollywood and live in the lime light.  finally.

Or, maybe i'm kidding and i'm actually just going to find a place to live for myself, Mr. Pribs & Cooper.

what kind of place are we looking for?  anyone who will take a 70lb dog.  seriously.  why does everyone have to hate on the big guys?

isn't it the Chihuahuas that won't stop barking and are impossible to house train?

anyway.  i have a few places in mind, after months & months of research.  i'm hoping that the apartments/town homes are as nice in real life as the pictures online make them out to seem.

and no.  we don't have a job set in stone yet.

stop freaking out on me.  we'll figure it out.  we always do.

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