we took a walk

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

We took a walk with Cooper the other night.  Right before heading out the door, I grabbed my camera and my new 40mm lens.  I wanted to see how the new lens could capture the colors outside.  The results were astounding!

Cooper found a second ball and is learning how to catch it in his mouth.

the sky was perfect.

Cooper likes to keep his eyes closed when trying to catch a ball.  this must be why he misses it half the time.

 Cooper refused to look at the camera.

i'm coming, Cooper.  No worries.

sunlight + pink flowers = gorgeous

 probably my favorite of all the pictures - Cooper + Rob

 behind our apartment complex there are two ponds.  stocked with huge fish, plenty of turtles and occasionally Cooper.

 just a few weeks ago these flowers were white!

 greeeeeen grass!

yep.  i still love taking pictures.

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