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Saturday, January 11, 2014

This past week has been great!  I've started running with Cooper in the mornings, I opened my shop back up after being on vacation for a couple of days and I'm currently on a mini-vacay with Mr. Pribs.

Why did I start running?  I loathe running.  Well, it was sort of a "deal" made between Mr. Pribs and myself.  If he started running on a weekly basis, then so would I.  After going running that first time earlier this week, I saw how much Cooper loved it and how tired he was afterwards...which only made me want to continue.  I haven't run since Tuesday, but yesterday and today combined I've walked 10.5 miles...which for me is a A LOT.

My shop is doing GREAT this week.  People are planning partiiiesss and baby showerrrsss.  It's great.  It's keeping me busy, but not to the point of insanity.  I made a pact with myself after the craziness that was last October and decided that i determine my schedule.  I do not allow the poor planning of other people affect my work/personal life balance.  I am going to disappoint some people, but it's okay to say "no".  I'm so excited to take the money I'm making from my business and put it towards saving for a house.  It's so rewarding seeing that savings account grow and know that I'm contributing.

So, we've been living in a hotel for the past 3 days.  Mr. Pribs has training for the Army and was going to be staying in a hotel regardless, so I decided to pack up my things and come along for the ride.  SO thankful that I'm self-employed and have the freedom to do this.  I choose to work for myself for times like these.  5 days away from my husband?  No thanks!

so we have a couple of days left here - i'm getting a ton of work done that otherwise i probably wouldn't do at home (too many distractions).  i'm excited to come back home on Monday night and get back into my routine for life.

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