christmas lights in the office

Friday, January 24, 2014

one of the most important things about working from home (in my opinion) is making your workspace an atmosphere that you look forward to being in every morning.  for me, that involves the lighting.  

when we took down the christmas tree earlier this month, i knew that i didn't want to pack away the christmas lights - that'd be so foolish considering my LOVE for christmas lights! ;)
 that's when we had the brilliant idea to switch them out with a different pair of string lights in the office.  i did think there'd be much difference in the light, but i was wrong. it's definitely brighter (and there are more lights to string around the door frame.

it's perfect!
also, this morning i brought in my scentsy owl warmer, which gives off the perfect amount of light.

as far as i'm concerned, the light in the office is done.  no more revisions needed.  if all else fails, christmas lights are always the solution!

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