Project Life: 2014

Saturday, January 25, 2014

So, here we go. Project Life in 2014.  Get excited.  
It's a new year, a fresh start and more memories waiting to be made and documented.

I went into this year with two goals in mind for Project Life:  consistent & simple.

Looking through my two Project Life albums (2012 & 2013), I love them both - I like the way they look and the stories they tell.  The process of putting them together didn't feel consistent though.  I tried to utilize both the 4"x6" and 3"x4" slots for pictures, which was fun, but when it came to ordering pictures, I never knew how many of each size I needed and I was always having to go into Photoshop or iPhoto and edit the sizes of photos.  And then even after getting them printed, I would have too many of one size and not enough of the other.  
Then, when it came to using the core kits, I couldn't keep my focus.  I was bouncing back between three different kits.  Then some weeks I would use a ton of embellishments and the next week I wouldn't use any.  
Every week I would complete the layout, wondering if I would be ok looking at it weeks later.

Project Life is designed to be simple, but somehow I managed to challenge that with my last two albums, SO I did two things the first week of January this year.

1.)  I picked out a core kit that I've had my eye on for MONTHS now (Kraft Core Kit) and committed to using ONLY this core kit for the entire album of 2014.

2.) I went ahead and filled my pocket pages with the filler cards, leaving 3-4 open slots (mostly landscape 4"x6") for pictures.  Now, when it comes time for ordering pictures, I just have to count the empty slots and quickly pick out my favorites from the week.  If there's a portrait picture that I just can't pass up, I'll crop it to be 3"x4", but I doubt that will happen much.

Also, I should note that I am primarily using pocket page Design A.  This keeps things BOTH consistent and simple.

I'm really excited to fill this album with our pictures from 2014 and I can't wait to look through the album come December (which will be here before we know it!)

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