i miss the smell of humidity

Monday, February 03, 2014

So, the internet’s down.  Which is funny, because this is going on my blog.   And you need the internet for a blog.  Good news though, you don’t need the internet to write down your thoughts.

Let’s call this “the post where she just let her word-vomit go”.  It’s currently 3:01pm.  End of January.  70 degrees outside (what?  oh right, i live in California).  I just got back from running errands - I picked up a few print orders, shipped three print orders, bought groceries for two nights of dinners and took Cooper for a walk.  
And, of course, the second I get back into my office, the internet doesn’t work.  I had plans to work on new designs.  Post new items in my shop.  Check on my stats for the day.  It’s a new year, which means a fresh new start with fresh new designs and a chance to do things “right” as far as business choices go.  This month has been going so well, it’s not even right.  

But my business is just one facet of my life.  

Starting this month, Mr. Pribs and I started to work out together in the mornings.  Hello, 5:30am, I haven’t seen you since high school.   I didn’t realize until my senior year of high school that if I went to bed at 10pm, I would actually be ready to wake up at 5:30am the next day.  I had been staying up until at least midnight every night - doing who knows what.  Wow. 
Anyway, we’ve been doing a Jillian Michaels DVD that I bought my Senior year of college, but never finished.  I remember huffing and puffing and not being able to even finish level one.  I can’t remember if I was too fat or just too lazy.  Same thing though, right?  This time around, we’re on day 9 of level 1 and busting our way through it.  With real weights, too!  So, fitness is a GO this year.  Let’s not fall off that bandwagon…it’s kind of fun!

Supposedly everyone back home is experiencing a winter storm.  Is it okay to admit that I’m jealous?   Jealous of being able to wear layers upon layers and make warm drinks in the morning.  Jealous of having to stay inside and snuggle up under the blankets while reading through blogs or watching a favorite TV show.  Jealous of standing outside in the snow and just listening to the inevitable quietness.  Ugh.  California, you’re pretty cool, but I guess I miss my seasons and I’m tired of my skin being so dry.  Also, when is it going to ever rain around here?  What?  Never?  Not okay.

So, we’re looking for jobs - civilian and military in the following states: Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia & Pennsylvania.  I’m praying that something will come up in the next few (6ish?) months.  And if it doesn’t, then I’m praying that my heart and mind will be okay with it.

I think I miss the smell of humidity.  Is that WEIRD?

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