and here we are

Friday, June 27, 2014

And it feels like we're finally...slightly settled.  At least enough to spend 30 minutes on the front porch enjoying the cool breeze.

Let's do a recap real quick, because I haven't been keeping this blog updated.

In August 2013 we moved to California.  Within one month we knew we didn't like the place and wanted to be closer to family.   

I tried to like it there, I really did.  

I made plans to go to school.  I got excited.  Then I got denied for STUPID reasons.  We found a church to attend, Rob had his job at Northorp and I was running my home business.  Things weren't bad by any means,  but something about constant dry heat and being so far from family wasn't working for we made it a goal to look for jobs closer to home.  And I got one.  

Fast forward to May.  I moved out to Pittsburgh and eventually Rob followed.  We moved into an old house (1928 to be precise) and started some intense man labor.  Everyday all day (as much as I could anyway) we worked on painting, tiling, painting,sanding, hammering, hanging, painting, fixing, screwing, painting.

oh.  And there is also the baby.  
With a couple of doctors appointments in there.  As well as an ultrasound.....the BIG ultrasound.  We now know what we're having. And it is a relief to know. :)

So now that the house is live able and looks halfway decent, let's all take a breath of fresh air and enjoy this nice breeze. 
Cooper sure is.  

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