24 weeks pregnant

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

holy. moly. i am 24 weeks pregnant.  Some how some way I always forget how far along I am.  I tend to guess at least 1 week behind.  

Baby Pribs, you are kicking my butt.  Literally.  But let's not get into that.  You're an active little boy and you like it when: I eat.  I play music.

You're starting to take up more room in the bed and sleeping on my stomach isn't as comfortable as it usually is.  I've been dreading this day and refusing to sleep on my back, but somehow I find myself waking up in the middle of the night flat on my back.  Thanks a lot, baby Pribs.

I have some big plans for your nursery.  I want to make cribs sheets as well as wall art for above your crib.  The only thing keeping those two things from happening ASAP?  I don't have the supplies for the wall art, nor do I have a crib mattress to put the crib sheets on.  So....we're kind of sitting on our hands here.

However, we did fix that nasty crack on the nursery ceiling recently.  Also, your dad shaved down the doors so we can actually open them in a timely manner.  Thanks to that thick carpet, I was having to put my whole body weight against the door just to crack it open.  I was envisioning you having just woken up from a nap, screaming your head off while I yell through the door "don't worry!  i'll....be....in..there...soon!"  we also got that crib of yours that is way too big for a little guy like you.  you're going to be swimming in that thing for a few months.

you're going to be here in less than four months.  in less than four months there will be a baby in our house.  in our arms.
we will be parents.

hurry up, baby Pribs!  we canNOT wait!

also, you should know that Cooper is anxiously awaiting your arrival as well.

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