25 weeks pregnant

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We're 25 weeks pregnant and this is what's up...

I'm finally showing some baby bump there.  Maybe people will believe me now when I say that I'm more than 6 months pregnant.

We're emotional about everything.  Tearing up, but refusing to cry.

Feeling a little unprepared to have a baby living in our home in just a few months.

Really thankful for my BeBand from Target.  I can still wear my pre-maternity jeans and pants.  Going to see if I can make it the rest of this pregnancy without buying any new bottoms.  (don't fail me now, BeBand!)

Leaning over is starting to become an issue.  I believe I painted my own toenails for the last time until November.

Here's to 14 more weeks...

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