burlap canvas for the nursery

Friday, July 18, 2014

I've been wanting some sort of art to go on the walls of Baby Prib's nursery.  Although at first I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted it to be, I knew it had to fit three criteria.
1.) it had to be homemad by me - nothing store bought, nothing cute off of Etsy (oh the temptation!)
2.) it had to be unique.....to me this means it's not your typical framed picture of a flower or sun with "you are my sunshine...."  I felt like that would be too cliche and lack meaning.
3.) it had to have meaning....I want my son to grow up to see this piece of art and love it.

My initial plan was to buy a blank white canvas and paint something.  Then, I saw this on Pinterest

I loved the saying and the chalkboard effect.  I thought at first that this was something I could whip up in photoshop with my tablet and then have printed locally, but as time went on, I put it off and clearly the idea of finding my tablet and then placing a print order was too overwhelming for me (obviously, i am way too busy nowadays).

So, finally one day after work I headed to Michaels Craft Store in search for a black canvas and white acrylic paint.  I found the canvas and just as I was getting ready to leave the aisle a burlap canvas caught my eye.  I had NO idea that burlap canvases EXISTED.  I dropped the black canvas, grabbed the burlap canvas, grabbed white acrylic paint and ran home.

Once home, I left perfection at the door and painted my heart out on the canvas.

And this is what we have.

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