how many weeks pregnant am i again?

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

that's right.  i don't even know.  I am not one of those girls who posts weekly bump pictures and updates you on every single hiccup and food craving she has.

good thing someone invented the pregnancy iPhone app.  because thanks to mine, I can know that I'm actually 22 weeks...not 20 like I thought I was.

wait, what?

That's right, we're 22 weeks and things are great.  Some people don't even know I'm pregnant....which is why I thought I was only 20 weeks, because I'm looking at other people's 22-25 week pictures and they're definitely showing some baby bumpage.

I've got nothing.

But, the baby does has some pretty sweet kicks.  Even to the point where the other night I was trying to watch TV (The Bachelorette's on....everybody shhhh!) and I couldn't focus because the baby was too busy drop kicking my kidneys and bladder.

I may not be stellar at keeping track of my weeks, but there's not one day that goes by where I don't think about this little baby inside of me and how I can NOT wait to hold it in my arms.

Cooper's pretty stoked too.  He started his nursery guard dog duty training this week and is LOVING it.

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