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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I put off making a baby registry for the longest time.  Not because I was too busy (although I was pretty busy), not because I couldn’t find anything I liked, and not because I wasn’t excited about having a baby.  I put it off because, simply, I had no idea what to register for and I was a bit overwhelmed.  

I had the exact same experience when it came to my wedding registry three years ago.  I’m not the type of person who researches these sort of things way before I get engaged or decide to get pregnant, in hopes that I’ll be prepared.  I just take life as it comes at me.  For better or worse.  

*bibs from a garage sale for .25 cents each!

So, for better or worse I was really overwhelmed with the idea of making a registry.  My first thought was to go online and research “baby must-haves”, which only makes you even more overwhelmed and anxious for the future.  I finished my search feeling like I needed to set aside $5,000 just for the first few months of the newborn supplies - people were telling you to GET EVERYTHING.  Do you know how many “Baby registry” lists there are on Pinterest??  More than a first time mom needs or wants.

*Shoes from Carters for $8

My second attempt at some sort of insight was a Facebook status calling out for help from other moms.  I asked what their “MUST HAVES” were and what they could’ve “DONE WITHOUT”.   Unfortunately, the results weren’t what I hoped they would be.  Deep down inside I was hoping that all of their responses would be exactly the same and I could simply run down the list of items suggested and go register.  

*Hand-me-down books from my Aunt.  Book holder from Target.

Yeah, there were 1 or 2 duplicates responses as to things they needed or didn’t need, but overall, everyone had their own opinions.  Which is fine.
And that made me realize the one simple fact that I should’ve remembered from when I made my wedding registry.  You can register for whatever you want….it’s ok.  It’s not like if you get something you don’t like, you’re stuck with it.  This should be fun.  Not a stressful situation where you wonder whether or not you’ve just made a mistake with what you put on your registry list.  And you know that you can go out and buy things that aren’t on your registry, right?  

*Abacus from a thrift shop (but originally IKEA), red dresser from IKEA, crib from IKEA.....I guess we like IKEA?

In the end, your baby just needs you.   That thought alone makes this whole experience a lot less stressful.

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