Monday, July 21, 2014

I initially heard about meat & potatoes from a food blog.  I have to admit that just the name alone pulled me in and made me want to try this place.  Meat?  Potatoes?  Two comfort foods in the same name of a restaurant?  I'm in. SEE YOU THERE..

I mentioned the idea of going to Meat & Potatoes to Mr Pribs as soon as I heard about it and he agreed that we should go and then we forgot about it.  As life goes.  BUT THEN, a couple weeks later something awesome happened in the life of Mr. Pribs and we wanted to celebrate.  And what better way do Americans know how to celebrate than to stuff food in their faces and call it a day?  Sounded good to us.  Mr Pribs called and made reservations (totally not necessaryto eat at meat and potatoes, but totally necessary when you're stoked to eat and have been of a victim of being hangry in the past)

The restaurant is located in the cultural district of Pittsburgh...wherever that is (i've only lived here 2 months, bear with me while I learn this ginormous city).  There's a parking garage attached to the building and you get a discount on parking when you validate at the restaurant (even more reason to eat here, my friends).

If you do have to wait to be seated, you can access the bar and drink whatever you want in the waiting room (parlor?)

The environment is rustic meets chill meets retro.  They know how to please the human eye and serve great food.  For some reason I ate dessert, even after proclaiming that I was stuffed after eating my main course for dinner.
It was that good, people.

Just looking at these pictures, I want to go there right now.  I want me some meat and potatoes!!

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