dakota coffee | dothan, al

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

coffee shops are my favorite place to go on casual weekend dates with Mr. Pribs.  it takes me back to when we dated during college.  there was one particular coffee shop on campus that we both loved and both frequented.  i have so many memories from that place (both before and while we were dating).  

coffee shops have a comfort to them.  it's a place where friends catch up, people get work done, and relaxation and destressing can happen.  

we found a coffee shop while back while living in dothan, al for three short months.  what stood out to me at this place was their amazing cinnamon rolls and legit decor (industrial coffee machinery, burlap coffee bags, coffee bean dispensers, etc). these are the few pictures i took when we were last there (like, over a year ago).

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