making my own crib sheets

Saturday, August 09, 2014

I made something for Baby Pribs!  This is very exciting for me because my sewing machine had been packed away for months prior to making these and before I even packed it away I wasn't completely comfortable working on it (got it for free off of Craigslist and it sometimes jams the thread up).  

Once we found out we were pregnant and I had time to think about the nursery decor I knew I wanted to have something handmade in there, but I wasn't sure what.  I heavily considered making a quilt, but knew that there was a BIG chance it might end up a half-way done project with the scraps of fabric thrown in a bag and ultimately placed in a dark closet, forgotten until Baby Pribs was 18 and off to college.  No dice.  I also considered for a millisecond the idea of making clothes.  And then I let that thought fly out the window because nothing about making clothes excites me.  

So then I was reading blogs and happen to stumble upon this tutorial
Make your own crib sheets!  Perfect!  If a mom can do this, then certainly can I!  

I set out to Jo-Ann's with a giftcard in hand and bought two types of fabric.  One modern fresh type and the other comfy and cozy (great for those cold winter days). I also purchased skinny elastic.  And then the supplies sat in the nursery....waiting to be used.  I am really bad about starting sewing projects.  I don't know why because I almost always love the finished product...and I loved this finished product.  I even made the sheets before we had a mattress.  That's how fool proof the tutorial is.  And for the polka dot sheet, I had about 3" less fabric width-wise than I needed and it still turned out okay.

Baby blow outs....we're ready for ya!

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