why I'm blogging again...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I've started to pick up on blogging again.  Not because it's a trend.  Not because I had a ton of followers on my last blog.  Not because someone told me I should.  But because I enjoy making memories and then putting them somewhere to look back on.

  • I've always enjoyed photography - that's no question.  You don't even want to know how many disposable cameras I went through before my parents finally got me my very first digital camera for Christmas in 2005.  (probably their best investment to date for me).
  •  I've always enjoyed scrapbooking - during high school I would spend my weekends in my room for hours on end putting spreads together (yes, I was one of those who did full page 12x12 spreads).....meticulously going over every detail, making sure the page was perfect before I glued everything down.
  • I've always enjoyed writing down memories.  Let's face it - we forget things.  What better way to relive memories, than to read back over what we wrote about right after said event (as minor or major it may be) occurred?
That brings me to blogging.  Blogging is a smorgasbord of these three things.

Right before my hosting expired for my blog last fall I transferred all of the posts to a blog that didn't require any annual fees.   That way I could 1.) preserve all of the hard work I had put into my posts and 2.) pick up where I left off if I ever had the desire to do so.

I forgot about that little blog for a few months.  Until one day I wanted to know how to make a recipe  that I knew I had posted about on my blog.  So, I logged into that second blog and searched the recipe.  BINGO, found it!   While I was there I figured I would take a few seconds to poke around and read through some of my old posts.  A few seconds turned into a few minutes, which then turned into a solid hour.  I relived memories from Fort Rucker, living in Dothan and then moving to California.  HELLO Nostalgia.  Then I asked myself...why did I give up blogging?  Because I got busy?

So right then and there I decided, "Joy, you are going to start blogging again."

And so, here I am.

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