38 weeks

Thursday, October 23, 2014

38 weeks sounds like a bigger number than it feels.  Baby Prib's due date is in two weeks.  In two weeks Baby Pribs is allowed to enter this world with no fear of underdevelopment.  In two weeks I can be a mom.

These 38 weeks have dragged on and flown by all at the same time.  Wasn't it just last week that I saw that blue plus sign for the first time in my own bathroom?  And yet, the nursery has been set up and complete for what feels like forever.  All it needs is a baby.  My baby.

Everyone thinks they have the perfect advice for you whenever they find out you're expecting.  Especially if it's your first.  I really couldn't care less what others have to tell me.  I'm going to do what feels right and learn from my own mistakes.  

My 38 week appointment was today....nothing spectacular.  It'd be great if the doctor had said "Looks like the baby is ready to come out now....we miscalculated...you're ACTUALLY 40 weeks today!"   (Dream On).

But seriously.  I'm ready.

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