note to self: when it gets cold

Thursday, October 09, 2014

It got a wee bit on the chilly side last week.  Like, I was freezing and stayed in one room with a space heater for 4 days straight.  Walking Cooper did not happen.  Opening windows and enjoying the cool breeze did not happen.   Instead, I curled up in bed and whimpered myself to sleep.  They say that being pregnant is like having a little heater inside of you.  This is not true for me.  My 5lb heater is faulty.
So, here are some things I did to stay warm:

SCARF - not only do you look good, your neck stays nice and cozy.

HOT CHOCOLATE - even if you're not thirsty, just holding the cup will suffice.  YOUR HUSBAND'S SWEATER - the bigger the sweater, the better.

BAKING COOKIES - the true payoff is when you're done and can leave the oven door cracked and stand in front of the scalding heat.  There's nothing better.

CHILI - make a whole crockpot full of this stuff and keep your insides warm for the entire winter season.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do once it starts snowing.  I'm doomed.

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