November 6th

Friday, November 07, 2014

November 6th came and went just like any other day.  I woke up around 6:30 to pouring rain and a dreary sky.  No contractions.  No signs of labor.  Just another morning.  

"Maybe the labor signs will start later today....maybe I just need to get up and get moving?" I thought to myself.   

Admittedly I had several print orders that I needed to get in the mail that day before the baby could come, so I was okay with the fact that I could work comfortably and tie up any loose ends before things started to really happen.  

I ended up getting out of bed around 8:15am......what I did from 6:30-8:15....I do not remember.  Researched signs of labor?  Who knows.  I've been reading all about being 40 weeks pregnant for the last week and a half and everyone says the same thing.  Or rather, everyone says different things and everyone agrees that you just have to play it by ear because everyone's story is different.  :::sigh:::  Not my ideal answer!

I waddled out of bed and got ready for the day.  Cereal for breakfast.  It was raining outside, so no walk for Cooper.  He didn't even want to go out in the backyard when I opened the door for took several times of me telling him to go out in the grass and do his business.

After breakfast I grabbed all of my print orders and hauled them up to the third floor.  The next 3 1/2 hours were spent packaging print orders, responding to emails and working on the first proofs of new orders.  It felt good to get things done in the morning.  

At 12:45 I loaded Cooper into the car and we headed out for the post office and to get a quick drink somewhere (non-alcoholic, thank you).  It was shortly after we left that I realized the back right car window had been left open from our car ride the day before.  I should mention that it rained the night before.  From what I could tell, there wasn't anything to worry about....I don't think, anyway.

We got back home about an hour later and I was exhausted.  Cooper and I went to the living room and hung out there for an hour until I decided that my bed would be a better option to relax on.

I thought I wanted to nap, but sure enough, once I got upstairs to our bedroom, I wasn't tired anymore.  So, I opted to binge watch a show on Amazon Instant Video.  

We were supposed to have Bible study that night, but everyone else cancelled (which, I was okay with).  So, shortly after Mr. Pribs got home, I made myself dinner (with our new range!!) and then headed back upstairs to relax while the Mr. did some army related work.

Overall, a pretty uneventful day (compared to what it could have been).  I had 5 people text me in relation to the baby being due.  I responded to everyone with a smile and said that the baby was content with his current living quarters.  At the latest, he'll be here next Friday.

It's okay, Baby Pribs.  You'll be here before we know it.

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  1. Hi Joy, No help here as all my baby's were different. #1 She was a c-section, #2 She gave me back labor with the urge to push for 5hr's, #3 He was eager and delivered in the labor room, not delivery + 2 weeks early and #4 He was 2 weeks late, not too long of labor AND he weighed in at 10 pounds even. Ouch! Oh, and the last 3 were without an epidural. They make their entries the way that want to. You will agonize through it but won't remember much afterwards. :)

  2. Hi Joy! I have been checking your blog and was wondering how are you doing? I hope your little bundle has arrived and you are enjoying your time as a lil family. :)

    1. He has arrived! :) I am working on a post about his birth and am planning to have it up before Thanksgiving.


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