7 weeks in...

Monday, December 29, 2014

The fog has finally lifted in the Prib Crib.  In other words, we kind of have a routine now.  Mostly we have that to thank because Baby Pribs is averaging 6 straight hours of sleep at night and then another 3 hours after being fed.  It.is.amazing.  And I'm sure in about a week something will switch in that brain of his and he'll start waking up every hour, but for now let's enjoy this moment in our lives.

I'm learning to plan my days out far in advance.  And to adjust that plan when the baby doesn't feel like going with the flow.

We've gone from spending all day feeding on the couch and watching way too much TV to taking naps in the crib, participating in tummy time on the floor and hanging out with Sophie the Giraffe (Silas' newest BFF).

Also, Silas loves hanging out in the Ergo while I do things around the house.  We've used it for a quick trip to CVS and the Post Office.  He could probably sleep in there all day if I let him.

We had our first in-store meltdown on Wednesday of this past week.  Everything was fine until we hit the baby aisle.  Something snapped in Silas and he was OVER IT.  There was no quiet crying.  He went straight from happy to "GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR SEAT!"  There was no muffling this cry with a pacifier.  At one point I had three (3!) pacifiers in his lap....and none of them did the job.  After bouncing him around for a little bit, I was able to calm him down.  I gave him a little bit of water and then we quickly wrapped up our shopping trip and headed home.

Cooper's been a great help around the house.  We take turns babysitting during the day.  It's great.

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