Goodbye 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Every year for the past 4 years, I've told myself "Next year is definitely going to be less chaotic than this one was".  Every year for the past 4 years, I've been wrong.  This year was anything but boring.  Rob's and my marriage has been anything but boring.  I'm surprised I don't have any grey hairs yet.

This year has been one for the books.

One year of laughter and stress, 530 am Jillian workouts, moving across the country (because we're pros at that by now), setting goals for my business, finding out we were pregnant, buying a house and closing on it the week before i was due, painting, glitter nail polish...way too much glitter nail polish,  watching way too many episodes of new girl and suits and bones and thebigbangtheory and greys anatomy and brooklyn 99 and .....(TV is LIIIIFE), becoming BFF's with spackle, wrestling the dog to the ground and giving him a haircut all by myself, Rob flying missions all over the world (ok, just kidding, only the US), finding way too many stink bugs in our house, butchering the right side of the Hyundai, painting, buying no more than 5 articles of maternity clothing, learning to drive through Pittsburgh like a boss, getting 2 haircuts (my all time high), hot chocolate....lots of hot chocolate, losing my voice, way too many ultrasounds and having blood drawn, many 2 mile walks with Cooper, selling on Etsy and loving every stressful second of it, bringing a king size mattress through the second floor window, painting, regular Coca Cola (because Diet Coke is of the devil during pregnancy), pizza for dinner every other night, walks to the gas station for drinks, buying a new washer and dryer and vowing never to live in an apartment again, hosting Thanksgiving at our house 2 weeks after giving birth because we're idiots, never sleeping in again, introducing Baby Pribs to his great grandparents (priceless), seeing snow and LOVING it,

Another year of being the Pribs, only this year we've added another to the team.

oh yeah...and painting

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