12 Weeks

Saturday, January 31, 2015

12 weeks!  I made it!  When Silas was first born, I had it in my mind that once I made it to the 12 week mark, then things would click for me.

Thankfully it was right around 8 weeks when I felt like the chaos of being a first time mom started to settle down.  And now that we're at 12 weeks, everybody's feeling great!

Silas is a big baby!  His new record for sleeping is 12 straight hours (actually 11 hours, 51 minutes, but we'll give you the extra 9 minutes, buddy!)

I got to experience Silas' first real laugh yesterday.  I was undressing him and getting ready to pull his sleeve off his arm (the part he hates the most).  I pulled his arm up and started to slide the sleeve off  and for whatever reason, Silas thought that was the funniest thing and let out a laugh!   I tried to get another laugh out of him by making funny faces and sounds, but he would only smile.

He can now fit into 3 month clothes....some onesies are too short for him (this is both because he is tall and wears cloth diapers).  The outfit he's wearing in this post's picture is a 3 month outfit and the onesie is a little tight lengthwise.  I'm already buying 6 month clothes because we have plenty of 3 month clothes and I have a feeling that I'll be packing away a second set of clothes that are too small for him.

I went to Target the other day and passed the newborn section of clothes.  How was Silas ever that small???

Excuse me, I'm going to go sob in the corner while hugging my baby.

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