2 Month Appointment

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

 Silas had his 2 month appointment last week.  He had his first shots!  Things went pretty well for the most part.  Two doctors looked at Silas and both doctors told us that we were doing a great job and to feed Silas as much as he wants (he's already eating us out of the house).  Silas weighed 13# 4 oz and was 25 inches long.  He has grown 4.5 inches since being born!  He's already too tall for some of his 3 month old clothes.

When it came time for shots, Silas was already fussy because the doctor had just checked his ears, which Silas did NOT like.  The nurse had Rob hold Silas on his lap and before I knew it, Silas' eyes widened and he started WAILING.

The good news is that he wasn't extremely fussy afterwards, he didn't get a fever,  and he went to bed that night with no issues.


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