Great Grandparents

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The fact that Silas has three great grandparents boggles my mind.  Most likely because I never knew my great grandparents....or, if I did, I was too young to remember and I don't recall ever seeing any pictures of them holding me.

Silas is going to have plenty of pictures of Rob's grandparents holding him.  

The day we announced to Nee Nee and Pop Pop that we were expecting we were staying at their house for Easter.  Everyone had just finished breakfast and we were getting to head out the door to Rob's Uncle's house.  We gathered everyone in the dining room and said we had a family picture we wanted to show Nee Nee and Pop Pop.  I could tell Nee Nee was excited to see it, but also ready to get on the road.  We handed them the picture and stood there silently waiting to see their reaction.  Just like everyone else who had seen the picture, they smiled and adored Cooper and then, of course, stopped and said "Oh!" As their eyes grew wide.  Nee Nee immediately started jumping up and down, and came over to hug us.  Her excitment since that day hasn't dwindled.  Throughout my pregnancy she would call and check up on me and give me advice and she would send Silas clothes.  Once Silas arrived, Nee Nee and Pop Pop were able to visit a week later.  Nee Nee came into our house, locked eyes onto Silas and never looked up the rest of her time there.  She commented on how "advanced" he was and how he was already "genuinely" smiling. The doting never ends.

Pop Pop's love for Silas came out more once Silas was here.  Whenever they visit, Pop Pop will give everyone a chance to hold Silas and then, out of the blue he'll say' "Alright, it's my turn, I haven't held him yet!"   And there Silas will sit in Pop Pop's arms staring into his eyes while Pop Pop tells him how good looking he is and how he must have gotten Pop Pop's good genes.   

These are the things I want to remember.  

Silas, I told you before you were born, and I'll continue to tell are SO loved.

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