In these quiet moments...

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sometimes Silas will go down for a nap quickly.  Other times, it takes some bouncing and kissing and sweet talk to convince those little eyes to shut down for an hour or so.

Nap times are the best.  I wish I could take naps....but my body doesn't let me, so instead I sit here and watch these two BFF's nap and think about how things will be once Silas notices and acknowledges Cooper.  Better yet, once Silas starts to crawl and he and Cooper can explore the house together....that will be the BEST.  

I remember living at Fort Rucker and one of my friends had two sons (12 & 7 years of age). Cooper LOVED running around the backyard with them.  It made me want a son even more.  That's what every boy's childhood is made up of, right?  A boy and his dog....facing each day together.

Although the Silas is just a babe right now and Cooper doesn't get much attention from him right now, I know that they will grow to be the best of friends and will be getting in plenty of trouble together before we know it!

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