Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Monday, May 11, 2015

My first Mother's Day as a mom with a baby on her hip was great!  The family started out the day in the church nursery.  Mr. Pribs and I signed up to work in the nursery during the early service, so I got to spend extra time with Silas.  He didn't seem to appreciate that I was invading his time that was usually spent alone with his baby friends....super fussy!

After church we went out to lunch at one of my favorite places: Panera!  Then we came home and Baby Pribs went down for a nap, Mr. Pribs went to work on refinishing the front steps and I went to work on making some baby food and egg salad.  

Baby Pribs slept for an hour and a half....he would have slept longer, but we had plans to have dinner with Mr. Prib's side of the family at 4:30 for dinner.  So we packed everybody up and headed on over.

We hung out with Mr. Prib's parents and sister.  I fed Silas some of the baby food I had made earlier that day, the adults enjoyed chicken and quinoa and corn, we talked with Nee Nee on the phone, we talked about the dogs, about quinoa (lots and lots of quinoa) and then we grabbed some 10 year old paint from Mr. Prib's dad and headed home to put baby to bed.

Overall, it was a great Mother's Day!

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