The Day I Broke out the AC

Friday, May 08, 2015

Well.  I did it.  I broke out the AC in May.  Remember this post?  We still have that humongous thing.  It had been hibernating in one of our guest room closets.  I really didn't miss it.  It's big and ugly and obnoxious (can you tell I grew up with central air?)

Mr. Pribs offered to break it out two times this week.  Both times I said "It's going to cool off later tonight...we won't need it."

Well, at approximately 3:00pm this afternoon we needed it.  Bad.  

I had just gotten home from picking up a print order.  Silas was extremely tired and fussy.  I tried putting him in his crib to nap, but he wasn't having it.  And I knew exactly why.  It felt like a furnace on the second floor!  So while he lay in his swing, with just a diaper on, crying his head off, I proceeded to unload the guest closet.

It should have been a simple GRAB THE AC AND PLUG IT IN deal.  But it wasn't.  We accumulated things over the winter (swing box, baby tub, play gym, blinds, random shelf?)  It turned into me throwing things across the room while promising myself I would NEVER let that closet get that cluttered again.

When I FINALLY reached the AC unit, I dragged it across the room and into the Master bedroom.  After a few minutes of fumbling around (keep in mind, Silas was crying this whole time), I finally got the thing installed and running.

I proceeded to pick up Silas and hold him above the unit.  Then, I gave him a little bit of formula to drink and lay him down in his crib.

And THEN he napped for 2 straight hours.

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