7 months (and some change)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I was in the grocery store earlier this week and a lady started making eyes with Silas.  She looked like she wanted to come over and squeeze his cheeks.  I thought I might have to intervene.  I know it's hard to walk past a cute baby and not hug them real tight, but when it's not your baby, you really don't need to be touching them.  So, instead, she said "How old is he, a year?"   When I told her he was only 7 months, she just stared at him as she walked away.   

Let's just get the elephant out of room.  I HAVE A BIG HEALTHY BOY.    

And a very happy one at that.

7 months is a really fun age.  Right now, everything I do is hilarious in Silas' eyes.  Today I spent 5 minutes just saying "Boo!" and he kept giving me big belly laughs.  

He wants to crawl and is getting in the right position to crawl, but has yet to make that first movement.  Instead, he moves around the room by rolling and shuffling around on his tummy to get to toys.  Always for the toys.

Nap times are longer.  An unexpected treat.  If you were curious, two hour naps are glorious!

Probably the best part about this age is that he actually interacts with you...like he's a person. (oh!)

The worst part?  When he is teething hardcore and tries to eat your shoulder off.  Ouch.

Cheers to making it past 7 months!

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  1. Of course Silas is a BIG HEALTHY BOY! He is blessed to have an awesome Mommy who is doing a wonderful job taking care of him!
    Those eyes! He is too cute...can't wait until we see him again soon!
    Grandma & Grandpa


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