(failed attempt at) The Water Steps in Pittsburgh - North Shore

Friday, June 26, 2015

Now that's it's summer, we're trying to get out and experience all of the hidden gems in Pittsburgh.  I'm in a couple of Pittsburgh mom facebook groups and everyone keeps talking about the Water Steps and how their kids LOVE them.  I googled a few pictures and thought they looked pretty harmless and age appropriate for Silas to experience.

These are the water steps:

Again...pretty simple of an activity to do with a 7 month old.  So, we went.

This was Silas the morning we went to visit the water steps.  Pretty happy.

And this was Silas not even 30 seconds after we arrived at the Water Steps.

Going into this we knew that Silas wasn't a fan of baths, but I had hoped that since he wasn't going to be lying in a huge body of water that maybe he would be a fan.  He wasn't.

Bummer.  We'll give it another try in 2 years.

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