Goodbye to the swing

Monday, June 29, 2015

The time has come for us to pack up the swing and say goodbye for now.  Prior to Silas' birth, I wasn't sure I wanted a swing.  So, instead of register for something I wasn't sure about, I registered for the things I knew I wanted/needed.  

However, within a month of Silas being here I knew that a swing was needed for nap time and just life in general.  I did my research and we visited Babies R Us a couple of times (Once by ourselves and once with Silas to put him in the model swings).  We ended up going with a Fisher Price swing and never looked back.

Our swing has given me a shower every morning & a guaranteed nap (for Silas) every day.

The weight limit on the swing is 25 lbs and initially I was afraid that Silas would outgrow it before he would lose interest in the swing (I mean, every time we went to the pediatrician he had gained like 5 lbs).

At 7.5 months and 18 lbs though, Silas is over it.  (cue the tears)

I put him in it the other night... just for kicks.  And this was him within a few minutes (and yes, he was strapped in).

So we're moving on to bigger and better things.  

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