8 months today and we have a crawler!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

 It's official.  The Prib Crib has its very own crawler.  And he turns 8 months old today!  (at approximately 11:44pm tonight)

When Baby Pribs sees something he wants, he simply props himself up on his hands and knees and does a wobbly crawl towards the object.  Examples of things he has crawled to: wires, toy wooden block, plastic grocery bag, curtain, johnny jump up, tv remote, cell phone, Mr Pribs, light up toys, loose dog hair.

I know what you're thinking after looking at the above and below pictures.  YES, we are baby proofing the house.  We have two baby gates installed (Mr. Pribs was installing one while these pictures were being taken).  YES, 99.9% of the 'dangerous' furniture is leveled and anchored.  NO, I do not plan on putting rubber guards on every single corner in the household.

Two days ago Silas and I had just gotten home from the store.  I lay him down on his back in his nursery so I could do something really quick in the other room.  Thirty seconds later I came back and there he was...sitting up...just looking at me like "What're you doing, Ma?"   The real question was "HOW DID YOU GET LIKE THAT?!"

Might as well do an 8 month update since we're here.  I recently read a blog post about 8 month milestones.  It said that soon my 8 month old will start clapping.  Silas has been clapping for over a month now, so I guess we can go ahead and call him a GENIUS.

Beyond that, Silas' personality is starting to show.  He likes to give his own version of kisses (I'll kiss him on both cheeks and then he'll grab my face and pull it towards him and put his open mouth on my cheek for a few seconds).

He likes to play the "imitation game" where he makes a sound and I repeat after him and then he smiles and makes another sound and we keep going until one of us gets bored or (more likely) distracted (And yes, I do have actual conversations with him...he's not going to grow up to only know how to make grunts and screeches).

The grocery store is Silas' new favorite place to test out the strength of his lungs and see how much of an echo he can get when he lets out a high pitched scream.  The other shoppers love it.

My car keys and cell phone are favorites of his to hold.  If we're going out to the car, you better hope you're holding onto Silas tight, because once he gets his eyes on the car keys he leans in to grab them at all costs.

Sleepwise, he gets a solid 3 hours of sleep during the day for naps and then another 11-13 hours of sleep at night (except for when he's sick.....then nights suddenly revert back to the way they were when he was only 2 weeks old).

Walks in the stroller are still a favorite of his.  Yesterday a neighbor commented on how "He is so relaxed and loving it" in response to seeing Silas kicked back with his feet resting on the front tray of the stroller.

This is a great age and I remember when I first had Silas wondering what he would be like at 8 months and how that age seemed so far away.  Is it too early to start planning his first birthday party?

Enjoy the video below:

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