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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Silas is just a little over 8 months old and he seems to learn something new and is vastly different from just the week before.  I remember when I was pregnant that several people told me that once Silas was here, I would probably get bored staying home with him all day. 
Things couldn’t be further from the truth.  Even when Silas was only a few weeks old, if I wasn’t feeding him I was trying to keep my house from looking like a bomb went off.  The laundry, dishes and dirt don’t suddenly stop piling up once there’s a baby in the house.  In fact, for some reason those piles seem to get bigger.  So anyway, fast forward to when my son doesn’t need me to hold him 24/7. 

Initially my ideal plan was to have Silas in daycare 2-3 days a week so I could continue to run my business at full speed.  I looked at several different options for daycare and for a couple of months we had a plan and routine, but then it fell through and we had to completely restructure how daycare worked for Silas (that’s a fancier way of saying that I lost 70% of my daycare during the week).  Initially I was pretty bummed, but after a week or so of having Silas mostly to myself (under my schedule and my rules) I realized that this was a good thing. 

So right now Silas typically goes to his babysitter’s Monday and Friday mornings for a grand total of 9 hours per week.  I take full advantage of this time and am primarily in my office working on orders.  Anything that doesn’t get done while Silas is at the babysitter’s will have to be addressed during his naps or after hours (AKA when Rob gets home from work).  I try to keep my after-hours work to a minimum, but sometimes….life happens.  6:45am is usually the latest Silas wakes up.  6:00am is his favorite time to wake up.  Bright and early.  Way before I’m ready.  Usually he plays around in the attic while I work on opening my eyes.  We have breakfast and then pack up to head to the babysitter’s.  Silas is over there from 9a-1:30pm.  He comes home exhausted and usually downs a bottle of formula and then takes a hard core nap.  1 hour…2 hours tops.  By the time he’s ready to wake up, he’s also ready for more food.  And by the time he’s done eating, it’s time for me to starting prepping dinner.  Then Rob comes home and it’s all about playing with Dad and before we know it, it’s bedtime for Silas (6:30pm is usually the latest he goes to bed…any time after that and he’s over tired and almost impossible to put down without a STRONG fight).

The only difference between babysitter days and all day with Silas days are that instead of going to the babysitter's we go for a 2 mile walk and then Silas goes down for his late morning nap.  And in the afternoon we almost always go errands, go to the park, whatever!  Getting out of the house at least once a day is key.   I would like to start adding some type of variety to our daily walks....I need to recharge my fitbit bracelet and start tracking my steps so that I can set new goals for distance.  Other than that, things are pretty predictable and chill.  Next week I'm sure everything will be completely different though.  Thus is life with a baby.

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