Exploring: Manchester

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 Exporing Pittsburgh with our cameras is Rob's and my new hobby.  Our second hobby is wearing Baby Pribs in the Ergo.  ;)  Recently we walked around a small part of Manchester.  Little did I know that just a month prior I had been near Manchester when I took Baby Pribs to the local YMCA in the North Shore.  Had I paid more attention to my surroundings, versus on finding a parking spot, maybe I would have walked around with my camera back then.

At first glance, Manchester is pretty run down.  You won't find the CEO of American Eagle or Google living here.  Many of the homes were built right next to each other (literally no space inbetween), and on a lot of properties one of the neighboring houses has been torn down (either due to neglect or a house fire).

Despite being sick that morning, Silas loved our mini tour of Manchester while in the Ergo.

My favorite parts about older neighborhoods are the brick and brighter colors

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