Fourth of July 2015

Monday, July 06, 2015

This year's 4th of July wasn't as expected.  Silas got sick last week and the worst seemed to hit him on the weekend.  We had plans to hang out with Mr. Prib's family for dinner.  Silas would go to bed at their house.  Then around 8:30, we put Silas in his carseat and go to the fireworks.  We've done the 'transfer sleeping baby to carseat' before and it's worked great.  He wasn't sick then though.

We headed over to the Grandparents house after Silas' afternoon nap.  They had the volleyball net set up, so Rob and I had some intense rallying while Silas impressed two of his Aunts with sitting up like a big boy and playing with the grass.

Shortly after dinner was served (salad, chicken, potatoes, etc) Rob started Silas' bed time routine upstairs and tried to put him down for bed.

  Unfortunately Silas didn't want to fall asleep at his grandparents' house.  So, after the delicious dinner and great conversation, I packed up with Silas and headed home (he fell asleep within 2 minutes of being in the car) and Mr. Pribs stayed with his family and went to the fireworks.

I was able to put Silas in his crib and keep him asleep when we got home.  And amazingly enough, the fireworks did not wake him up.  Strange child.

So that was our first 4th of July with a baby!  I'm sure next year will go better, assuming Silas won't be sick.  :)

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