My favorite newborn necessities

Friday, July 24, 2015

As if there needs to be another list about “newborn essentials”.  I’m going to add mine in there.

Oddly enough I never researched “newborn essentials” when I was pregnant.  Instead, I researched what I should register for in general.  And that overwhelmed and stressed me out, so I decided I would just roll with what we got and if we needed something once Silas was born, we’d go buy it.  Pretty simple.

Sleepsack swaddle - Silas loved this thing.  The tighter you swaddled him, the better.  Trust me, there were times he was crying his lungs out in the nursery and I’d come in to see that SOMEHOW an arm had come out of the swaddle and it was flailing around.  Not a happy baby.

Avent bottle - we didn’t even register for these.  we were gifted them after Silas was born.  We went through so many different types of bottles, trying to find the kind that Silas liked the best and these were the winners.  Plus they’re kind of cute (is that even possible for a bottle?)

Fisher price swing - do you want to shower during the first 6 months of your baby’s life?  This swing will make that happen.  Silas napped in this thing for so many hours.  I even remember one night when he woke up and he wouldn’t fall asleep for anything.  So as my last resort I put him in the swing and he was out like a light.

Prefolds - we used prefolds and covers a lot during his newborn days.  They’re inexpensive and have multiple uses.

Carseat cover - when you have a winter baby and you want to actually get out of the house once in a while, this thing is a lifesaver.  Also, if your baby is covered, people are less likely to get all in his face and get their germs on him.  All you have to say is “yep, that’s a baby in there..he’s sleeping, so I’m going to keep it covered!”  

Ergo - another lifesaver when it came to keeping my house clean and my baby happy.  You can keep your baby close to you and yet still have two hands free at the same time.  

And that should do it!

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