Our weekend in review

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey there hi there ho there!  How was YOUR weekend?   Ours went by way too fast. (like every other weekend)

Here's a quick rundown of what we did.  Friday, in my mind, is part of the weekend.  Once everyone's off of work, it's party time!   At least that's how it was before we had a baby.   Now days once everyone's off work, it's time to chill.  Friday was different though.  Mr. Pribs got home from work and hung out with Silas and me in the attic for a little bit before he headed out back to work on refinishing our tin roofs on the house. My night was equally unexciting as I cleaned the house once I put Silas down for the night.

That brings us to Saturday.  Saturday morning, I woke up to the sound of Silas bouncing in his jumper. We decided to take a walk up to a nearby local coffee shop. It was a happenin' place both inside and outside the coffee shop thanks to the local farmers' market! There was even a bluegrass? folk? band with a banjo, close to the coffee shop... I didn't know any of their songs. When we came back from the walk, we realized Silas had dozed off in his stroller, so we parked it in the backyard and I got to work picking blueberries while Mr. Pribs got to work weeding. I picked about two pounds of blueberries, one of which we gave to our neighbors across the street! The rest of our day consisted of weeding, baby naps and laundry.

The next day was Sunday.   Long story short, Mr. Pribs and I volunteered in the church nursery, had brunch with our small group, napped, and then hosted Mr. Pribs' parents for dinner(nothing fancy... seriously... pizza and salad). Originally Mr. Pribs had planned on getting a coat of paint on the tin roofs instead of napping but he couldn't keep his eyes open. So instead he managed to mow the grass after his nap since the rain was coming and paint would be pointless.

So, yep! That was our weekend!

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