The Panhandle Trail in Carnegie, PA

Friday, July 10, 2015

 This past Sunday we went on a two mile walk on the Pandhandle Trail in Carnegie.  Silas was sick (thanks other nursery babies!) and instead of paying it forward and putting him in the nursery at church, we decided to spend our morning outside with him in the stroller.

 This was my second time here.  We went as a family a couple of months ago.

The weather was perfect.  Breezy, sunny and a flat trail all go great together!

There are a few bridges along the trail that go over a nearby creek.  More importantly there's a huge stone formation just a little ways into the beginning of the trail.

Usually when I go for walks with Silas, it's nearby where we live (AKA, nowhere near trees, water or grass).  Also, it's hilly where we walk.  So something out of the ordinary and flat was very refreshing!  Also, Cooper loved it!

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