where did the week go?

Friday, July 17, 2015

I feel like I just wrote a recap of last weekend.  This week flew by.  Partly because life in general flies by and partly because things have been busy.

My design shop has picked up speed.  Monday of this week I make more than half of what I usually make in a week (whoa).  And the rest of the week followed suit and the orders kept coming in.  I am guaranteed at least one nap a day with Silas....sometimes he fights his afternoon nap,but his morning nap he can never resist, so I get work done during that first nap for sure.

On the other side of things, I've been revamping things with my photography.  I feels like forever since I have been behind the camera.   I spent alot of time in lightroom, trying out new presets and trying to figure out what my favorites are.  It always annoys me when my pictures don't match in color/theme.   Instagram is still my favorite way of taking pictures and sharing them (I used it before anyone knew what it was), but I love the way pictures look when they're taken with the DSLR.  Those are the pictures I want to keep forever.

Speaking of memory keeping, I've also been looking into restarting my scrapbooks.  I think the last time I *really* scrapbooked was in July of last year.  Luckily things have gotten even easier to scrapbook in my short absence.  There is now a Project Life app that I can access on my phone to make spreads with the photos on my phone.  Not only that, but I can order the prints (12x12 or 8x8) right from the app as well.  So yesterday Silas and I went to Michaels Craft store and bought a new Project Life scrapbook (on sale!)  and today I put together all of my pages on my phone while Silas napped and now all I have to do is order them.

Oooh, I hear Rob.  He got us Wendy's for dinner....gotta go eat my Frosty!  Have a good weekend!

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